Biz Profile+

Dean’s the artist. I’m the entrepreneur. Together we are a husband and wife photography team, storytellers, adventurers, soul mates. Our common strength (the one that allows me to tap into my creativity, and him to tap into his business side) is the fact that we both have big hearts, and we love to take care of our clients.

When you meet us, when you come to our home for a consultation, when you’re in front of our cameras, you know that we’re here for you, and that you can trust us. We want to give you the gift of, well, you. The fact that we invest time in connecting with you, and the fact that you trust us translates into images that you will love. Period. Our gift to you is that we see and capture you the way the people who love you best see you, and we give that back to you, so that you have a tangible reminder of your best self. Forever. And nothing, absolutely nothing, makes our day more than you loving your images!

Add in the fact that Dean and I get to work side by side and chase our dreams together? Well, that’s just the fantabulous (check it, it’s a word) icing on the biggest, best cake you can imagine (and Dean loves cake!). It has been a long journey to get to this point, but that’s who we are…that’s our story, and we can’t wait to get to know you and tell yours.

Follow your heart! Tiffany (& Dean) oxo