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Stuff We Heart

Lake Tahoe

Only 35 miles from our house, ‘the jewel of the Sierras’ beckons year round with spectacular scenery and endless recreational opportunities. We feel so fortunate to call this amazing alpine playground home. -Mt. Rose Hwy Lookout, Incline Village, NV

Twisty Roads

We met on a Sunday motorcycle ride around Lake Tahoe, and have logged countless miles on our sportbikes exploring the road less traveled…the more twists and turns, the better!
-Dean @Hwy 36, Red Bluff, CA

Adrenaline Rush

Thrill seekers at heart, some of our favorite memories include activities not suitable for the faint of heart. Track days, skydiving, bungee jumping, paragliding…check!
-Tiffany @Thunderhill Raceway, CA


If it requires a stamp in our passports, sign us up! Nothing beats traveling the world with your best friend, and immersing yourself in the music, food, and culture of another country.
-Tamarindo Airport, Costa Rica


From impromptu hip hop dance parties in the living room with the volume turned way up, to the haunting notes of an acoustic guitar, and everything in between, the soundtrack of our life varies with each passing mood. -Dean’s Taylor Jumbo 12 String

Amazing People

Everyone says it, but in our case, it’s unequivocally true, we have been blessed with the best family and friends two people could ever wish for.  We are immensely grateful for their love and support!
-Our wedding, Bartley Ranch, Reno, NV

Tropical Beaches

Ahhh…  Our version of paradise consists of spending the day soaking up sunshine, enjoying local cuisine, and watching the clouds float by; where naps, reading, and snorkeling top our to-do list.
-Chen Rio, Cozumel, Mexico


We don’t follow Astrology, or pay any particular attention to the signs of the Zodiac. However, as a Cancer and a Pisces, it should be noted that we are drawn to water and all sports that take place on, in, or near it. -Dean @Manhattan Beach, CA


Bicycling magazines litter our coffee table; we own ‘the stick’, chami butt’r, and enough spandex to outfit the peloton; bicycling across Italy is on our vision board; and every July our DVR is set to Versus. -Dean’s shot of Lance @Nevada City Classic, CA

Powder Days

If the forecast on the morning after a snowstorm calls for sunshine, blue skies, and no wind, you can bet money that our skis are waxed, and we’re in line for fresh tracks.  Of course, we also ski in blizzards…it’s all good!  -Tiffany @Sherwood Bowl, Alpine Meadows Ski Resort, CA


We both grew up sunburned, waterlogged, and sore, spending idyllic days (in TX and NV respectively) waterskiing across a lake.  As a couple, we purchased our Nautique before we even got engaged…some things are just meant to be.  -Bucks Lake, CA

Summer Mornings

Admittedly, we’re not ‘morning people’, and we both loathe alarm clocks, but the reward of having a glassy lake all to ourselves for an early morning set makes the sacrifice worthwhile. 
–Dean @Boca Reservoir, CA

Our ‘Girls’

Our family wouldn’t be complete without puppy kisses, wagging tails, and the kind of unconditional love that our four-legged ‘girls’ (Annie, the Aussie; and Gracie, the Pomeranian) shower us with every day. -Donner Memorial Park, Truckee, CA


Call us old-fashioned, but we’re just not ready to trade the sensory experience of wandering the aisles, seeing the shiny covers, feeling the weight in our hands, and turning a page to find out what happens next…we love reading real books!  -Our Coffee Table, Reno, NV


We prefer to add a healthy dose of risk to our travels, and our trip to the Swiss Alps included hiking Mt. Schilthorn, paragliding from the summit, exploring Trümmelbach Falls, and the Mürren-Gimmelwald Via Ferrata.  -Mt. Schilthorn, Switzerland

Scuba Diving

Transported to a magical underwater realm, we marvel at the fantastical sights and play of light. Exhilarating, humbling and Zen, all at once, no other experience provides this same sense of awe and wonder. -Tiffany @Chankanaab Reef, Cozumel, Mexico

Happily Ever After

We believe in romance, sentimental toasts at sunset, dreaming big dreams, and having hope when things seem their worst.  And yes, we most definitely believe in following our hearts!  oxo
-Wailea Point, Maui, Hawaii