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Single, married, engaged, ‘it’s complicated’, and everywhere in between…we’ve been there.

Somehow, despite the wrong turns, potholes, and broken hearts we each encountered along the way, we ended up exactly in the right place, at the right time. Together. In hindsight, the detours and the lessons learned make perfect sense. Our separate journeys made us stronger than we would have been otherwise, and I think that helped us recognize what we have, and trust enough to believe that this time would be different.

That a love like this is worth the risk. So, loving with our whole hearts, we hold hands and take the leap.
Every day.

The first time I heard the song that perfectly described our journey to find each other, I cried. Big, fat, wet tears (the kind my dad used to call ‘Alligator tears’) leaked from my eyes and down my neck. I knew it would be the song we danced to at our wedding. And five and a half years after that first dance, we want to share it with you…

And because our first official blog post wouldn’t be complete without sharing an amazing image with all of you, here’s a sneak peek of our weekend in Sedona, AZ. Can’t you just picture a couple in love standing in this very spot…at sunset? Stay tuned…Melissa & Brian’s Sedona engagement session coming soon!

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Loving with our whole hearts,
on February 14th, and everyday,

Tiffany (& Dean) oxo

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